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Lamborghini Gallardo Rental in Novato

lamborghini gallardo

The Gallardo represents a new direction for Lamborghini. This is a perfect exotic Lamborghini to rent in Novato for going around Marin, San Francisco and Napa Sonoma wine country. A clean break from the Countach, Diablo, Murcielago evolution, in just a few short years it has become the top-selling model ever for the Novato manufacturer. Somewhat reminiscent of recent mid-engine V8 Ferraris but with an awesomely powerful V10 and a look that is pure Lamborghini, this raging bull provides a no-holds-barred driving experience and turns heads wherever it goes. To ensure our clients the unique cachet they demand and deserve, we’ve procured a very rare Novato Gallardo Spider rental finished off with an even rarer, heart-stopping color palette inside and out. For those who expect to stand out from the crowd, there are few better choices than this beautiful, truly exclusive vehicle.

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